Me and my BIG ego

About 17 or maybe even 18 years ago I was introduced to road riding. I was already a passionate urban rider, riding all year and with Ysabelle on the back seat for most of it - Don’t worry she was very well taken care and I never had her sitting back in freezing weather. But road riding is a whole other sport; in fact all types of riding are unique. When I am mountain biking I think this is my favorite, when I am loopteeelooping around town on my three speed I think, this is my favorite, when I commuting from place to place on my urban bike, I think no way this is by far my favorite and the same happens when I am road riding. I have come to accept that I simply love all my bikes equally. If you are not a cyclist you may be thinking that I am little loopteeloopee but when it comes to the world of cycling, I am actually very moderate.

Anyways, 17 or 18 years ago, I started road riding which meant going to Gatineau park and doing loops (that’s when you ride up to the Champlain look out and back). And for the next 7 or maybe 8 years I would ride up in the park at least 3 if not 4 times a week and then I would do a long weekly ride and still urban ride. Although I have never been superfast or anything, when you do something enough, you build stamina and naturally improve, so I formed a relationship with the speed that I was riding when I was in the park and anything less well...

Now, time passes and I decide I don’t want to road ride one summer and then the next and then I start road riding again but I am not as fast as I use to be because I have not been doing it, so I decide I want to mostly ride flats until I get strong again which is a little ridiculous because in order to improve my hill climbing skills I need to actually climb hills. Eventually I decide to go in the park again but my ego is so upset at my speed that for the most part I don’t want to go, especially now that road riding is so popular, I remember having the park to myself and now it’s packed with cyclists and the list of excuses just keep coming and coming.

Recently I heard myself, really heard my ego, my comparison, my attachment to an illusion of how it use to be and how I use to be and blah blah blah and I asked my ego to chill for a little and I simply went for a ride and road my ride in the park. You see, I love being in the park, I love being on my bike, why let my ego prevent me from doing it? Something tells me I am not unique! If you can relate in any way I invite you to identify it and move on.

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