From Worried Worrier To Worried Warrior

Many moons ago I was telling a friend I was given the spiritual name Vir, which is translated to warrior in English. Because of my French accent my friend heard the word worrier. The funny, or not so funny thing, is that worrier is the energy I could actually relate to.

When people say, “Don’t worry, life is beautiful, have faith.” I would think, “Are you mad? We live on a planet where human trafficking is a thing….I mean think about it, just the fact that it exists is disturbing, let alone the fact that it’s supposedly growing. An estimated 24 000 people are going to die of hunger today, not because there is not enough food to feed everyone, but mostly because of greed.” I could go on, but I think you get a sense of where I am coming from and I am not even mentioning the daily worries reserved for those of us with human rights such as: family dynamics and economics, health and social interactions and…

To a worrier, not worrying is worrisome. I used to believe that if I worried about people starving, human trafficking and other topics such as the standard of life that it meant I cared about what mattered and that somehow, this form of caring was a form of action towards a positive outcome. It wasn’t until I realized that I was confusing worrying with caring and action that I was able to start using the worried energy in my favor rather than as a distraction.

Acknowledging that:

  • Worrying and caring are two different things;

  • Worrying is simply meditating on what I don’t want to happen;

  • Worrying requires an extensive amount of energy;

  • Worrying is meant to be an employee for the mind and thinking process, not the CEO. This means that worrying brings the possibility to the mind and then we activate our higher mind (e.g., the quality of discernment and observation and explore the theory with curiosity rather than simply believe it with fear); and

  • Worrying like any other thought process can become addictive, which means we can start to invent things to worry about just to get the worry buzz and think that somehow we are being productive because we are worried about something.

Over time various processes allowed me to breathe life into my inner warrior and face my worries rather than fear them. From my experience the most powerful tools to awaken our inner warrior are:

  • Introspective journaling where we ask questions such as: What am I worried about? Why? What I can I do about this? Is this worry serving me in any way? If I was to be 30% less worried about this would everything fall apart? If I was not obsessively thinking about what could go wrong what I could be focusing on instead and what would that look like? How would it serve me? And so on..;

  • Meditation: Even micro moments of stillness, moments of observation have the potential to bring mental clarity;

  • Fresh air and exercise: Our body is in large part water and water is meant to flow. Think of a body of water that gets no movement, it’s easy to see that stagnancy settles in. The same is true for our body. Movement is essential;

  • Whole foods diet: Foodless food, which is basically garbage disguised as food is depleting rather than nourishing and it not only negatively impacts the body, but it also negatively impacts the mind by draining our sources of energy;

  • Listening attentively whenever conscious. This way we learn to hear the inner voice of curiosity and wisdom rather than the voice of judgment and expectations; and

  • Dancing on a trampoline while singing three little birds with Bob Marley is also very cathartic.

I am not saying worrying vanishes, but it certainly diminishes. And its voice no longer sounds like the voice of reason. Instead it sounds like a scared friend trying to protect. So I listen, discern, comfort and move on because I have learned that I would rather be a worried warrior then a worried worrier.

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