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A recent article in the globe and mail suggests that scientist have only recently started to study the impact of food on mental health and that their findings, although early, are demonstrating that what we eat may very well impact our mood.

It`s clear that in Canada our health care system values the allopathic model over the holistic and integral models of health. I am not educated in the allopathic model and have not been in need of their approach for many years, which means my knowledge of the system is limited to say the least. I admire those who have chosen to work in the field and respect individual choices. I think that relevant to the current state of the world we live in, we in Canada are quite blessed in terms of what we have access to. However, from where I am sitting, reading an article like the one mentioned sounds ridiculous.

Our body is a manifestation of what we ingest. Carbohydrates, proteins, fats, water, vitamins and minerals make up our cells and therefore our tissues. How could what we eat not impact us whether it be on the physical, mental, emotional or spiritual level? I don`t even know how to relate to the belief that would allow one to think that it does not. There are times where we highly benefit from being our own scientist and this is one of them because if they are only starting their research now, well... Think of your diet, what you currently eat. Now imagine yourself decreasing your whole food intake by 20 % and increasing your processed food intake by 20%....O.K. how about another 10% in each direction and another....envision your energy levels, your vitality, your sleep patterns, your body, your mood...Now do the same thing in the other direction...see it, feel it... O.K. here is the question: Intuitively which direction do you want to move in and why?

Many moons ago in the BCE ages yogis had a quote: Yatha Anam Tadha Manas ``as is the food you eat, so is your mind.`` And this was way before red dye number six and cotton seed oil and pink icing and...

O.K. I am done my rant...thanks for reading. Would love to know what you think so do feel free to leave a comment.

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