Really think about this: Prana (energy) is abundant. You can`t take too much of it and there is no need to hoard it as it is always available which means you can generously share it and replenish easily.

Easy way`s to pranafy include:

- Conscious breathing;

- Eating food that is alive rather than dead;

- Smiling (changes the way we breathe and take in life);

- Good posture;

- Fresh air;

- Yoga practice of all kinds;

- Personal permission to rest when needed; and

- The simple acknowledgement of its presence and willingness to take it in.

It`s also important to know that prana does not discern which means it does not know what is good or bad for you it simply goes where the mind goes. What we focus on grows. If the mind is scattered we pranafy uncertainty. If the mind is continuously looking for what is missing or what`s wrong with something we pranafy dissatisfaction. If we choose to learn to train the mind through conscious awareness, we begin to pranafy what we value at the core.

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