The power of green tea with lemon & lime

I love my green tea with the juice of a fresh lime or lemon...yes I do use the whole lime or the whole lemon (regardless of the size) and love the taste. Starting my day off with this drink instead of coffee has been such a positive change. My digestion is better, my energy has increased, my cravings for sweet reduced and I look forward to it the same way I use to look forward to my coffee.

I am not anti coffee but I do know that for me, even though I only drank one cup/day, letting it go has been such a positive experience. If you're not sure if you want to let it go and you drink more than one cup of coffee a day try replacing one cup of coffee with a cup of green tea with lime or lemon and let me know what you think. Benefits of green tea, lemon and lime? Well...the list goes on and on and includes: - Excellent source of anti-oxidants;

- Abundance of vitamin C and minerals; and

- Revs up the metabolism.

Not a bad start to the day!

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