May the peace be with you! The power of mantra.

One of my favorite words is Shanti (the "a" sound is the "a" of father rather than the "a" of and, and the "I" sound is a short "e" as in see) which means peace. I love the sound and vibration of shanti and appreciate that the meaning of shanti goes far beyond my understanding of what peace is. Giving space to the power of sound and acknowledging the power of our words brings incredible results in our everyday life. In ayurvedic astrology one of the things we identify is your individual power mantra. The ideal sound that will support your ability to follow through on your intentions. Until you know what your ideal mantra is, I invite you to repeat: Aham Shanti (peace is my true nature) in meditation or whenever you're aware your mind needs a respite from the thought process and explore the impact it has on your mind and body.

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