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The Beautiful and Inspiring Practice of Pratyahara

Are you feeling tired, stressed or overwhelmed? Would you prefer to feel energized, calm and open to possibilities? Pratyahara is an ancient and healing practice that recognizes all consumption through the senses as a form of food. And, just as we can eat food that is devitalized of nutrients or we can eat food that is abundant in nutrients the same is true with information, music, surroundings and so forth. In short, pratyahara is about taking control of what receives the gift of our attention. 

Your 5-Day Inspired Living Mental Reset

The Razors Edge Approach to Meditation and Journaling

As a result of years of studies, practice and teachings this Inspired Living offering provides the guidance and support needed to release mental tension and increase clarity, patience and inspiration. 


Passive and Active Meditation

Course includes:

  • Specific Daily Guided Meditation

  • Specific Daily Journaling Questions

  • Daily Focus to Calm and Energize the Mind

You will need:

  • Journal and pen 

  • Meditation area (cushion or chair)


Time commitment: 

  • 40 to 60 minutes/day



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