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Inspired Mantras and Prayers

Mantras 101

The word mantra can be defined as a wave for the mind. The primary use of mantra is meditation, however, mantras are also used to bring about change on the physical plane. Traditionally they are used to improve health, avoid danger, recreate karma, increase wealth, improve relationships and enhance spiritual experiences. In the yoga tradition, mantras are repeated in Sanskrit. The word Sanskrit means perfect or polished and when we repeat Sanskrit mantras we are activating the essence of what we are focusing on instead of the concept of it.  For example the essence of peace is different from the concept we have created about what we think peace is.


The continuous repetition of mantra is called japa and more important than the mantra  we choose  (they are good) is the practice of japa as it is with japa that we breathe life into our mantra and that we begin to receive the following gifts:


  • An oasis (peace) for the mind; 

  • The senses withdraw inwards and external forces are no longer a distraction; 

  • Daily stressors are not nearly as detrimental or disturbing;

  • Release of limiting patterns;

  • Potential healing;

  • Manifestation of new ways and ne experiences; and 

  • A meditative experience beyond concentration blossoms.

Japa is firstly practiced with effort but once the mantra becomes established, we begin to experience ajapa, which means the removal of the effort placed on the repetition.

To understand this, know that at first, we repeat the mantra and then the mantra repeats us. This evolves in the following stages:

  • Consciously repeating the mantra with effort as if you were talking to yourself; 

  • Eventually, it takes a life of its own like a song we have in our head which means that ajapa (removal of the effort on the repetition) begins; 

  • Gradually we notice the mantra instead of repeating or creating it and we can experience its resonance; and 

  • As the practice matures the mantra is constantly alive within our being.

Various ways to work with repetition of a mantra include:

  • Parrot like repetition silently, softly or out loud; 

  • With malas; 

  • Counting or with a timer; or/and 

  • Allowing the mantra to lead to silence. 


You can use your mantra during seated meditation as a focused practice and you can also use it when walking, in line somewhere, before difficult discussions, before sleep, when rising and so on as a respite from the chatter. Try using your mantra when your mind moves to imaginary negativity or simply when your mind leads you astray. Observe and listen to it play its song within. Explore with different mantras at first, but then commit to a mantra for a period of time. A common number is 10 000 repetitions before we change mantras. Although changing mantras is not necessary. 

Powerful Mantras


The original and most powerful sound of OM is considered the sound of the Universe. It is the vibration of life. In deep meditation, OM is not repeated but heard. It is always here if we open our ears and heart to hear it.

OM as AUM and the Seven Levels of Consciousness
A short expose of AUM as discussed in the Mandukya Upanishad

  1. A = gross level, beginnings and waking;

  2. Transition;

  3. U= subtle level, middle and flow;

  4. Transition;

  5. M = Causal level (beyond endings);

  6. Transition; and

  7. Silence (vibration and integration).

Gayatri Mantra

Om bhur bhuvah svah


bhargo devasyadhīmahi

dhiyo yo nah prachodayat


“We meditate on that most adorable, desirable and enchanting luster and brilliance of our Supreme Being, our Source Energy, our Collective Consciousness….who is our creator, inspirer and source of eternal Joy.  May this warm and loving Light inspire and guide our mind and open our hearts.”


Om Glaum Shreem Svaha

Glaum: Glaum empowers Aum and removes obstacles allowing us to move forward with expansion and stability.

Shreem:  Brings light, abundance, grace and happiness while enhancing our glow and radiance.

Svaha: Adding power to all mantras and affirmations with Svaha we add intention to the fire of creation. 



Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu

"May all beings be happy and free, and may my thoughts, words and actions contribute to the happiness and freedom of all.’


Lokah: Universe, location

Samastah: All living beings

Sukhino: Happiness, joy, ease

Bhav: Union with Divinity

Antu: May it be so

Tune in Mantras for Asana Practice

Om Suryaya Namaha ( Salutation to the Sun)

Om Chandraya Namaha ( Salutation to the Moon)

Om Prana Maya Namaha (Salutation to Prana/Energy)

Om Dram Dattatreyaya Namaha ( Salutation to the inner Guru)

​Inspiring Prayers

Spiritual Hearth Prayer
Adapted and Modified Vedic Meditation/Prayer to reintegrate scattered energy and attention back to the Spiritual Heart.


May Fire (Agni) be placed in my Speech, my Speech in the Heart, the Heart in Me. 

Symbolizing Divine light and speech as the power of manifestation. 


May Air (Vayu) be placed in my Breath, my Breath(Prana) in the Heart, the Heart in Me.

Symbolizing Cosmic energy giving life to Prana

May the Sun be place in my Eyes, my Eyes in the Heart, the Heart in Me.

Symbolizing the Divine light that lights up the world which inwardly represents the light of consciousness.


May the Moon be placed in my Mind, my Mind in the Heart, the Heart in Me. 

Symbolizing our balanced emotional nature being able to feel and understand.


May the Directions be placed in my Hearing, my Hearing in the Heart, the Heart in Me. 

Symbolizing space.


May the Waters be placed in my Generative Fluid, my Generative Fluid in the Heart, the Heart in Me. 

Representing the creative energy.


May the Earth be place in my Body, my Body in the Heart, the Heart in Me. 

Symbolizing our interconnectedness with matter.


May Herbs and Trees be placed in my Hair, my Hair in the Heart, the Heart in Me. 

Herbs and trees representing nature as a whole and that we are an expression of nature. 


May Energy be placed in my Strength, my Strength in the Heart, the Heart in Me. 

Symbolizing that our true strength is of the heart.


May Rain be placed in my Head, my Head in the Heart, the Heart in Me.

The rain of Bliss


May Will be placed in my Spirit, my Spirit in the Heart, the Heart in Me.

Symbolizing willpower as a Divine cosmic force.


May my self be placed in the Self, the Self in the Heart, the Heart in Me.

Symbolizing the individual self with the universal Self


May my Self return again. May my Life return again. May my Prana return again. May my Will return again. 

When we offer all aspects of nature to the Heart we return to the Heart. Our lives become an offering of joy to joy. 


May the Universal Energy increasing Her rays dwell within Me.

Symbolizing staying awake and inspired



From the Krishna Yajur Veda
Yoga and Ayurveda Advanced Course Part II

Ayurvedic Applications of Raja Yoga

David Frawley.

Divine Light Invocation ( Swami Radha)

I am created by Divine Light

I am sustained by Divine Light

I am protected by Divine Light

I am surrounded by Divine Light

I am ever growing into Divine Light



Water Blessing 

This is my expression. I use it in the shower and when swimming. Feel free to use it as is or to create your own. Water is a powerful conductor of energy. Anything we do underwater is enhanced. 

My mind if filled with the light of wisdom

My eyes see what is auspicious

My ears hear what is auspicious

My mouth speaks what is auspicious

My heart is free to give and receive love freely

Touching navel- I am awake and inspired

My hands and feet guide to me to what is auspicious. 

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