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I had a moment of inspiration and decided to record short, casual talks about some of my favourite yoga and Ayurveda practices and approaches to life. These short talks include personal stories and offer tips to stay awake and inspired. 
If you appreciate yoga, rituals and believe in the power of intention you are at the right place.
Think of this as a weekly audio yoga blog to inspire your week. 

                                            March 7th, 2022 — Talk Number One: One Fire!


— So Much Going On —

This topic was chosen based on conversations I am having with my private students. It's about our inner fire as a source of depletion, destruction or as a source of energy. You will learn about Agni yoga the Yoga of fire and how to identify on five different levels — 1- Physical, 2- Energetic, 3- Emotional, 4-Intelligence; and 5- Soul, if your fire is weak, fragmented, too strong or just right. You will also learn tips on how to manage your beautiful fire.

All of this knowledge supports self-awareness and increases energy. 

Comments? Questions?  

I would love to hear from you!

The audio is not perfect. I tried a few times and there was always noise or...but I decided to share as-is anyway :)!

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