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Inspired Rejuvenation

The moment we understand, accept and experience that spaces in between are not nothings that need to be filled with somethings we begin to experience a sense of inner ease that radiates through our being. This space "in-between" is not to be confused with collapsing between the daily doings;  it's the powerful silence when we take the time to listen to each other. It's the space when we first wake up and realize we are awake and we breathe in the day; it's that moment when in the doing itself, we experience the simple feeling of being. 

The Divine Feminine is one of introspection, growth, nurturing,  strength and manifestation and taking the time to pause, to reflect and rejuvenate on International Women's Day is symbolic of our inner potential for embodying calm vibrancy. Inspired Rejuvenation is about exhaling, letting go and soaking in the beauty of what, where and who we are. 

Inspired Rejuvenation Practice Includes:

  • Gentle asana practice;

  • Meditation; and

  • Journaling.

What you will need: 

  • Yoga mat;

  • Meditation cushion or chair;

  • One yoga block; and

  • Journal and pen.

Date: March 8th

Time: 6:30-8:00 PM

Location: Zoom

Fee: $24.95

Be Inspired Monthly Membership: This speciality practice is included in the monthly Be Inspired Membership. For $47.95 in addition to the Inspired Rejuvenation practice, you can have access to daily practices and recordings. No monthly minimums - Begin and end your membership anytime. 

Sylvie Gouin  111sylvieg@gmail.com  613-402-1088

Ottawa, On, Canada


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