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Inspired Golden Lotus 

Try it for 21 days!

Energized, Calm and Inspired

Does the thought create the feeling or does the feeling create the thought? Either way, thoughts and feelings feed each other. This Inspired Golden Lotus meditation is a combination of a traditional visualization with a modern approach to affirmation setting designed to enhance the feelings of energy, calm and inspiration. 

Thoughts and feelings lead to action

When I am energized, calm and inspired my lifestyle choices feed those feelings and when I am tired stressed and depleted my lifestyle choices also feed those feelings. Energy breeds energy and depletion breeds depletion.  We don't have to find our purpose and change the world but we can live with purpose and enhance our world. Being energized, calm and inspired brings auspicious daily experiences. 

Try it for 21 days

Water your inner seeds of energy, calm and inspiration with this inspired guided visualization and be open to a new world of possibilities!

Inspired Golden Lotus Mug 

Get your personalized Inspired Golden Lotus Mug and bless your drink with this powerful affirmation. 

$29.95 Including tax and shipping

Once you have made the payment. Send me your mailing address - You will receive your Inspired Golden Lotus Mug within 8-14 days. 

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