Inspired Living Self-Development
Yoga Teacher Training Certification Program

As a foundational stepping stone for personal growth,
the Inspired Living Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Certification Program
is open to students and teachers who want to delve into the
world of yoga for personal gain and for those who want to teach.

Imagine: If you love yoga and are experiencing benefits such as more energy, vitality, calm and focus simply by attending classes, 
imagine what the Inspired Living Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Certification Program can do for you. 

Join Us: If you’re curious about the science and wisdom of yoga and you want to learn how this practice can be included in your day-to-day so that you can feel energized and have more focus and calm even in the midst chaos, join us.  If you want to strengthen and revitalize your body while improving your overall health, join us. If you want to enhance your sense of purpose so that your life represents your truth and passions allowing you to share your unique strengths and gifts, join us. And, if you want to learn how to share this powerful practice with others, join us.  

Your CommUnity:  About 50% of students take the Inspired Living Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Certification Program for personal development while the other half is preparing to teach. As the program unfolds, this ratio changes. Combined with my experienced guidance, our group of 10 to 15 is ideal for a strong and supportive community and small enough to provide you with individual attention. 


Integration Model: The Inspired Living Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Certification Program is offered over the course of a few months allowing you to gradually integrate and apply the information and practices.

Inspired Living
Yoga Teachers Alumni

The Inner Teacher: We are all students and teachers and being a great teacher is as much about providing guidance as it is about getting out of the way to allow for personal experiences.


In this program you will receive a balance between guidance and space to deepen your intuition while learning how to do the same for others; a quality that enhances all aspects of our life.  

The mediocre teacher tells.
The good teacher explains.
The superior teacher demonstrates.
The great teacher inspires.

William Arthur Ward

Course Outline: Providing you with individual attention and the guidance necessary to integrate the practice and succeed as a student and teacher of yoga the Inspired Living 200-hour Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Certification Program will leave you well rooted in the tradition of yoga and will give you the powerful tools a contemporary practitioner needs to keep up. 
This yoga alliance recognized program provides 180 contact hours and approximately 70 study hours.

Content Includes:

Asanas: You will learn the fundamental principles of asana practice. From beginner to moderate and advanced practices (if they suit your body), you will understand how to synchronize the breath and sequence classes for personal development and for groups with varied experiences. You will learn to offer the ideal warm-up and cool down to support the body of your sequence and will gain the confidence to teach sun salutations as well as standing, balancing, backbends, inversions, and seated postures. You will learn Sanskrit pronunciation of postures and will understand how to use traditional yoga practices in a practical and inspiring manner.  

Pranayama: You will experience the gifts of deep breathing from an anatomical perspective and you will also learn 5 powerful breathing techniques and how and when to include them in your daily practice and in your teachings.


Philosophy and Psychology of Yoga: The Inspired Living Hatha Yoga Teacher Training offers in-depth teachings of the gunas (cycles of nature) and how to pranafy (energize) your sattvic (harmonized) nature.  In addition, you will also gain in-depth knowledge of the yoga sutras(Psychology of Yoga) which include the valuable eight limb path and describes the process of meditation

and how to move beyond mental obstacles. 

Anatomy and physiology: Skeletal, muscular, digestive, endocrine and nervous systems; you learn how yoga practice helps create strength and flexibility while balancing the digestive, nervous and endocrine systems. 

Subtle anatomy: You will experience the chakras (wheel of energy) and develop grounded and uplifting knowledge of, Kundalini,  nadis (lines of energy) and the five layers of our being known as koshas. 

Meditation, Mantras, and Mudras: From concentration to guided meditations to learning powerful mantras that bring clarity, lasting happiness and focus, you will understand and experience the process of meditation. In addition, you will learn mudras which are specific hand gestures designed to equally enhance meditation, health, vitality and a sense of inner stability and ease. 

Journaling: Based on my book Inspired Living a Guided Yoga Journal you will experience the powerful benefits of this ancient and impactful practice. 


Ayurveda: As a sister practice to yoga, the science of Ayur(Life) Veda (Knowledge) brings clarity to our individual expression and how it is impacted by seasons, age and times of day and provides techniques to experience maximum benefits from our practice. 


Nourishment and Cleansing: You will learn about the power of food and how to incorporate traditional and impactful cleansing techniques that enhance our radiance. 


 Energy. Focus. Inspired Life. Health. Happiness.  
I know as a practitioner and as a teacher that the practice works. We simply need guidance, community and the knowledge to
put it all together. Whether you want to join us to become a yoga teacher or you want to refine your teachings or you want
to deepen your practice and dedicate some time to your personal growth,

the Inspired Living Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Certification Program
provides all you need to move forward. 

Your Teacher - Sylvie Gouin
    Leading yoga teacher training since 2007  

Lesley Fantin RHN, RYT500


Lesley has been teaching yoga since 2002.  Over the years she has continuously trained to stay fresh as a teacher, taking certifications to competently instruct Children's Yoga classes, Prenatal and Postnatal classes, Power + Ashtanga Yoga classes

Integrated Yoga Tune Up Teacher, tRMM Practitioner, Restorative Movement Specialist, Recovery Coach for Chelsea Nordiq Ski Club, alongside traditional classes.  In 2015 Lesley completed the Yoga Tune Up Level 1 training and from there became a Hatha yoga self-proclaimed 'Body Nerd'.  This 70 hr training opened the door to understanding movement and physiology on a deeper level and since then Lesley has continued to study to learn more about body alignment, therapeutic self-
massage. Every yoga teacher in training should have a strong grasp of how the body functions when in motion, from understanding breath mechanics, and restorative movement therapy.  Lesley is co-owner and operator of Vraie Nature Yoga + Mouvement Studiotothemake up of muscles to directions of movement.  It becomes easier to teach safe, novel yoga classes with this knowledge at play. 

Laura Fowler Massie M.ed


Laura came to yoga over 30 years ago and has been teaching private and group classes since 2008. She is a certified Inspired Living yoga teacher and has additional training in Somayog®, a gentle restorative practice. She is also a trained Radiant Child® children's yoga teacher and a certified infant massage instructor.  


Laura has a passion for teaching and sincerely connecting with others. In her training she will explore the ancient practice of Yoga Nidra. This powerful practice is a spiritual blend of conscious relaxation and meditative visualization. Through the regular practice of Yoga Nidra one may gain tools to help manage stress and anxiety and opportunities to de-program limiting patterns. 


2019 Inspired Living Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Dates and Times

Times: Fridays 6:00-9:00PM - Saturdays 12:00-8:00PM - Sundays 1:00-6:00PM


April 12 -13 -14   April  26-27-28

May 10-11-12    May 24-25-26
June 7-8-9.      June 21-22-23


Home study for the summer


September 6 -7-8   September 20 -21-22

October 4 -5-6 October  18-19-20

November 1-2-3


Fee: $2900 + Tax  - Save your space with a $500 deposit - balance due by March 12th, 2019 

Save your space with a $500 deposit. 


Fee Includes

  • Training Manual (140pages)

  •  Inspired Living a Guided Yoga Journal by Sylvie Gouin

  • All Training Weekends Hours 

  • Home Study Projects

  • Mentoring 


Refund Policy: Refunds available until March 11th, 2019 minus $350 administration fee.

As of March 12th, 2019 no refunds for any reasons.


Registration is CLOSED program is full.


Location: Vraie Nature Yoga in Chelsea Quebec.
3 Chemin Versant Sud (Scott road).
Located in the Chelsea village it's easy to find right off the highway and offers abundant parking.


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