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Breathe Easy 

Personal Development Program  

Page updated June 3, 2020

2020 - Taking Our Breath Away 

At Ease

Many were stressed before all of this. Many were holding their breath before all of this. There are estimates that by the age of 5 we have become shallow breathers. The breath impacts the mind and the mind impacts the body. I.e if the breath is short shallow and fragmented, thoughts are short shallow and fragmented and that creates tension in the body and mind. Trying to control the breath is not the answer as that often creates more tension; The answer is found in giving the breath space. There are reasons we hold our breath and it takes effort to shift the patterns. There are techniques, affirmations and mantras to release tension and return to a natural, energizing and harmonizing breath. 

Breathe Easy Personal Development Program

Each class includes a guided breathing practice to harmonize the three diaphragms and gentle but effective asanas to improve posture and release tension (45 minutes). In addition, we will use journaling and discussion to better understand the breath and prana (the energy found in the breath) so that we can use one of the most powerful gifts we have as a source of energy rather than depletion. 

You- Is this program for you?

  • You believe in the mind-body connection

  • You believe self-care is a responsibility

  • Maybe you're a teacher, coach or therapist and you want to deepen your relationship with your breath to support your clients on this journey

  • You want to take time for yourself

  • You want to release limiting holding patterns 

  • You know there is an abundance of energy found in the breath and you want to activate it

Beginners Mind: What you will learn or learn again

  • How to harmonize the 3 diaphragms

  • Affirmations and mantras to breathe easy

  • Posture awareness to breathe easy

  • How to direct prana

  • Plays of oppositions found in the breath

  • Techniques to breathe easy when life is not easy

  • What your holding patterns are and how to rise above them

Where and When
Location: Your place. Classes are offered through zoom

Dates: Thursdays July 9 to August 13. 

Times: 6:45-8:15PM

It's summertime and our collective external freedom is not as it was...
Let's go inwards and create internal freedom. 

What you need:

  • Journal and pen

  • Yoga mat and a cushion

Possible Benefits Include: 

  • Increased energy

  • Positive impact on the nervous, lymphatic, cardiovascular, digestive and respiratory systems

  • More urges to smile

  • More love, less fear

  • More ease, less inflammation

  • Radiance and healthy glowing skin

  • Less reactive, more responsive

Fee: $147 + Tax

Early Bird: Save $20 by registering before June 24
$127 + HST

Refund Policy: If you're not happy with the program, let me know and I will provide a refund. 

There is a universal theme going on and it's taking our breath away.
Let's reclaim it!