March 20, 2018

"In the Spring, I have counted 136 different kinds of weather inside of 24 hours."
Mark Twain

According to the science of yoga and Ayurveda respecting seasonal changes is an essential component to our overall health. For example, each season has its own dosha (constitution) which combines with our individual dosha and impacts our well-being. If we are in harmony with our dosha and with nature itself, all is good. But, if we are out of balance, and if we don't acknowledge seasonal changes we feel the effect of the changing seasons in various ways.  

Cool and Windy

Winter and Spring are impacted, in different ways, by Kapha dosha, which brings accumulation and moisture. For some, this energy creates the positive feeling of stability, but for others, it fuels inertia. In addition, Spring is uncertain and constantly fluctuating (vata dosha);  It's not uncommon to be wearing shorts one day and a scarf and gloves the next.  Again, for some this erratic behavior is not a problem, but f...

March 14, 2018

In my early twenties I worked for an individual who took advantage of my insecurities. Sharing my experiences with my teacher I said, “It’s his karma,” to which she replied, “No Sylvie, it’s your karma. If you allow him to keep taking advantage of you, you are in essence building karma that says it’s ok to do so.” These words shook me and changed my outlook on how I relate to my relationships and life as a whole.


Karma as Cause and Effect

The more we understand karma as cause and effect, the more we know it’s a complex phenomenon that goes beyond the idea of superficial good or bad karma. Yet, in the same manner reflecting on cause and effect brings introspection that leads to better choices. In simple terms, if I feed my body junk food and junk information I can’t be disappointed when I lack in energy or if I fuel complaints and worries, I can’t feel bad that all I see is what’s wrong with my life.

Another Side of Karma

In the context of yoga and Ayurveda choosing to see ALL of our actio...

March 1, 2018

I see her/him on a regular basis. The seat on her bike is too low, his knees and elbows are sticking out, her shoulders are glued to her ears, his oversized windbreaker is creating a parachute effect (resistance), there is not enough air in the tires and she is peddling as fast as she can, going nowhere fast while creating tension in his knees, back, shoulders and neck.  

When I see this cyclist I ask myself "Where I am creating resistance?" "Where would a few simple tweaks allow me to move forward with more ease?"  

These important questions help us reflect on the habits we have created and that are now creating our reality (yes we create our habits and then our habits create us). And, they provide opportunities to let go of unnecessary limitations so that we can approach everyday interactions with more flow.

We all encounter periods in our life when the wind is at our back and periods when we are going against the wind; we can't change that. But, we can change how we...

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