February 21, 2018

When we’re depleted, we lose touch with the feelings of possibility and purpose and get deeply acquainted with the feelings associated with negative stress. Whether we experience our depletion as resentment, loss of creativity, worry, anger or any other demanding feeling, depletion breeds depletion. For example, if I am depleted and book a massage and the therapist is late (and I am unable to stay later) I will either get angry and lash out, or I will accept the loss of time on my end and complain about it later as I express how things never work in my favour. If I am energized I will express my disappointment and/or cancel the massage but I will not allow myself to feel like a victim of the situation. When stress leads our day we become reactive and create more stress. If we don’t take action and stop this loop, we develop more stress which creates inflammation, digestive issues, anxiety, insomnia, sugar addictions and all sorts of other unnecessary issues. 

A Five-Step Approach...

February 13, 2018


As the queen of herbs within Ayurevda, Tulsi (holy basil), is known as the incomparable mother medicine of nature. Bitter and hot it is used as a rejuvenating tonic to promote overall health. As a potent adaptogen with the ability to penetrate deep within the tissues, Tulsi is also widely used to calm and centre the mind.

Natural Medicine

One of Tulsi's gifts is its high phenolic compounds and anti-oxidant properties that assist the body in protecting itself from toxin induced damage. Plus, studies have shown that Tulsi increases the body's level of the powerful antioxidant glutathione, and enhances the activity of the enzymes superoxide dismutase and catalase which also protect the body against free radicals.


Tulsi is also beneficial for fostering beauty which includes its ability to improve skin and hair luster, increase stamina, enhance emotional calm and strenghten our voice while activating the mind's inner ability to see beauty. This is important because in...

February 6, 2018

My most recent Sweat Equity Magazine article. Although the image does not represent my core or my approach to core-elation the article certainly does. 

February 1, 2018

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# 3 Teacher/Mentor: An Essential Dynamic
“Good teachers don’t turn the light on for us, they show us how to flick the switch.” ~ Sylvie

Regardless of the direction we want to take, whether it’s starting a business or learning the tango, spending time with someone who knows the dance provides clarity and enhances our journey. In the holistic world of yoga, if we want to reduce stress, expand our awareness, and get clear on who we are and what we want, the teacher/mentor relationship is not only recommended—it is essential. This relationship is not unique to yoga; many scientists, business owners, and athletes credit the support of a mentor or teacher as aiding in their success. Even Mother Theresa had a mentor. 

We can’t see our own shadow. 

Mentors, coaches, teachers, therapists, and healers are there to catch our blind spots and offer clear direction. No matter where we are in our lives, we can all benefit from guidance on the path we are on or aspire to embark...

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