October 30, 2017

I have been debating for a while whether I should blog about these three essential practices to increase energy. I read, reflect and integrate this subject and occasionaly teach this process in private settings and/or during workshops and wonder if I can inspire personal study, reflection and integration of the subject in just a few words. I’ve decided that I won’t know until I try. So, here goes…

In our culture we tend to value what is tangible and what can be measured over the subtle and the hard to measure. Examples include, fullness, stability and effort over emptiness, ease and non-attachment. From the perspective of yoga and ayurveda, if we only focus on fullness, stability and effort in the form of full schedules, hard work and determination we run the risk of becoming rigid which leads to the depletion of energy.

From this perspective the process of identifying and balancing opposites brings lasting energy. The following is an INTRODUCTION to this subject and designed to create c...

October 20, 2017

When I started yoga, my fabulous teacher Madame Prudhome a 70 something year old woman who's yoga studio offered blue shag carpeting and a starlight ceiling told us to use bath towels or the camping foam mats she had lined up against the wall. Even when I started teaching, camping foam mats or puffy exercise mats were what we used. When you don't know what you're missing, you don't know! I even remember when yoga mats became a thing. And today, for many of us, our yoga mat is not just a tool but it has become our sacred space.

In light of the consumer model we live in, choosing a mat can be a complex thing. How is one to choose? Does price really make a difference? I have had so many mats over the years and I know what I love but it's a personal choice and if you are not in a position where mats are at times given to you or where you get to try many of them easily, reviews are a good place to start.

So here goes: My favourite mat is the sattva jute mat from...

October 17, 2017

The month of May bring’s longer and warmer days, which makes us feel lighter, more expansive and even a little bouncy. November brings darker and cooler days which brings a more contractive and cocooning type of energy. If we think we should feel the same energy in November as we do in May we set ourselves up for disappointment.

Yes, darkness and cocooning can be depleting, especially if we stop exercising and increase our TV and computer hours. Add extra empty calorie foods to the mix and November starts to feel pretty heavy. But, if we approach November and the darkness it brings with respect towards what it offers rather than frustration for what it lacks it can be a powerful month of introspection and inspiration.

Here are 11 practices to brighten our November and make the most of the darkness it brings:

  1.  Meditate: Meditation brings introspection, stillness and enhances inner stability and calm. If you need guidance I have short audio meditations on my resource page.  They are p...

October 9, 2017

From a yoga/Ayurveda perspective, aligning our food choices with the seasons is important. In Canada Fall is what we call a vata season which means it's dry, cold, windy, erratic and transitional. If unmanaged the vata season brings vata imbalances that include more nervousness, restless sleep, bloating, constipation, dry skin and hair and cold hands and feet. So, in the Fall we focus on the opposite of the vata energy and choose foods that are easy to digest, nourishing, warm and grounding. This includes good fats and proteins as well as naturally sweet and sour foods and we reduce vata foods such as raw vegetables and cold or frozen foods. Note that all of this is general information as we are individually impacted based on our constitution, age and lifestyle. But, even with that said, it is still soup season as soups are warm, nourishing and easy to digest and prepare, making them the most beneficial Fall food. 

Here is my most...

October 4, 2017

I enjoy working on my website. In fact, if I was to stop teaching/consulting and start working, designing websites is something I would look into. Before I would get started in my new profession, I would get educated because as you may have noticed, I am figuring it out as I go. 

One of my clients who noticed this pattern has offered to look at my website and help me clean it up. I am letting you know because I know some of you visit often. It is still a work in progress because I work on my site here and there when I have time but some of the things I am doing include: Cleaning up my bio so its short and to the point, organizing my services and providing more audios, videos and blog posts. I am open to feedback and requests for specific audios or videos or….

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