May 25, 2017

Over the years many of my clients have expressed interest and confusion as to what meditation is.  Questions such as: "What happens if I don't have a meditation room?" "What is I can't mediate at the same time everyday?" "What if I only have 10 minutes a day, does it still work?" And the most popular: "My mind is so busy, I can stop thinking."

These concerns are common and reading about conflicting information regarding meditation can enhance the confusion. I believe that one of the reasons for this conflicting information is based on the "why" one chooses to meditate. For many householders ( that means people with worldly lives - work, mortgages, children, ageing parents and so on, as oppose to those who dedicate their life to meditation) we want to meditate to calm the mind whereas in traditional yoga practices a calm mind is the tool for meditation, hence once the mind is calm and clear, one can meditate. 

Once we know our why of medit...

May 23, 2017

What we call prana in the world of yoga we call reiki in the world of reiki. Prana and Reiki are words that describe the energy that surrounds us. 

Both practices offer techniques to bring this energy in, contain it, direct it towards what we value and generously share it.  With practice we master this experience but as anyone who practices yoga knows the process itself is meaningful and the same is true with reiki. 

Prana/reiki is always around us and the source of what brings life to our everyday life. 

Some days we feel vibrant and alive and others we feel down and heavy. What has changed is the amount of prana/reiki we are containing and directing. The more we practice yoga and reiki the more we can use this energy in our favour. 

 With reiki you can receive a reiki treatment from a practitioner or you can become a reiki practitioner. It is, just like yoga, available to all. 

May 18, 2017

11 practices rooted in the wisdom of yoga that help us move forward while remaining grounded and clear.

  1. Our most powerful tool is our attention as the moment we give our attention to something we give it value and at any give moment we are choosing (consciously or mechanically) what we are giving our attention to - Could be solutions and possibilities or complaints and limitations, the choice is ours to make;

  2. First we acknowledge that our mind can be our best friend or it can be our worst enemy and then we recognize that worrying/complaining is meditating on what we don’t want to happen so we make the choice to get clear and move towards what we actually want to experience remembering that this will require effort as the thought process is highly habitual;

  3. We stop focusing on where we are going and instead focus on how we want to get there. For example, I was speaking with a frantic law student who was having panic attacks and was unable to sleep due to the demands o...

May 13, 2017

The Mother = The Divine Feminine which = powerful sustaining, harmonizing, nurturing and compassionate energy. 

Whether we are talking about Mother Earth, our individual mother, a surrogate, the representation of motherhood and its devotion to whom it is mothering or of the Divine Feminine energy that resides within us, there is no denying its power is unshakable. 

Lets' celebrate this beautiful energy in whatever way it manifests within and around us by welcoming its strength, value and courage to truly love. 

Tips to connect with your Divine Feminine:

  • Walk bare feet and feel the earth under your feet;

  • Lay on the grass, look up, feel, smell, listen and connect;

  • Get on your yoga mat and move intuitively. Feel the beauty of your body;

  • Take a bath with some divine essential oils;

  • Dance; and

  • Connect with those who inspire you to inspire yourself.

May 12, 2017

The science of yoga teaches that in order to better understand our nature we need to better understand nature itself and vice versa. To demonstrate this there is a popular saying that goes: “as within so without and as without so within”.

Ways that we explore this interconnectedness with nature are:

1. Reflecting on the five elements of earth, water, fire, air and space and noticing how they impact our life. I will be writing an article on this subject soon but for now just think of the many ways you use elemental terms to define aspects of your life. Examples include - I am burned out, I feel scattered, she is so grounded and so on. From this observation we create a lifestyle to honours all five elements. In short it looks something like this. We know that there is no flexibility without stability which means if we want to take a risk in life we need to first feel stable, grounded and anchored with who we are. Like water, we know that the only constant is change and so we make space for...

May 6, 2017

One of the most beneficial experiences I have encountered in my life is the ripple effect of women who allow their individual strengths to lead the way. As a teacher and consultant I have met a lot of people over the years and at a young age I noticed how strong women are inviting, generous, uplifting, motivating and honest. They are never arrogant or demeaning. This observation released expectations and allowed me to be me without the need to compare and that continues to be a source of great energy. 

Recently, after our yoga class, I was sharing with Sophie Gregoire Trudeau that I was on my way to teach yoga in an office.  She felt inspired by their dedication and offered to write a letter. Such a generous gesture. Out of respect for her privacy I was not discussing my relationship with her but she, a strong bright light focused on the inspiration that arises out of community. 

Helen Klaman, the organizer of these classes is another strong woman. Organizing the...

May 1, 2017

The gunas are the cycles of nature. Understanding the gunas is the foundation for understanding our yoga journey. This video is very short as I often talk a few hours on the subject. 

If I see that the video is well received I will keep making them.

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