March 24, 2017

The sound of OM is referred to as the Pranava.

Here are two interpretations of the word Pranava:  One, Pra ("before") nava ( "sound of joy") and two we see the Prana in Pranava and interpret Pranava as the life giving sound.

Om is a composite of the letters A (as in father) U (as in flute) and the M vibrates like the mmmm sound we make when we bite into a ripe fruit. 

It can be chanted as OM or AUM and in fact has many official variations.

When chanting the sound of OM we begin with our consciousness at the heart, in the middle, consciousness is at the back of the throat, with the M sound we are focused at the point in between the eyebrows and at the end, the silence, we are focused at the crown of the head. 

When we say: "ahhhh" the mouth is open representing beginnings and creation.

When we say: "ouhhh" the mouth closes a little and the sound is felt at the back of throat representing preservation and the middle process of life.

When we say: "mmmm" the mouth closes...

March 20, 2017

May we have the courage to let go of the unnecessary.

May we have the courage to fuel the necessary.

May we have the wisdom to know the difference.

Wishing you a happy, prosperous and conscious Spring. 

March 14, 2017

Tulsi, also known as holy basil is a valuable herb in the world of Yoga and Ayurveda, so valuable in fact that it's name means "the incomparable one". As an adaptogen it is widely used to calm the mind and the nervous system while bringing a sense of clarity and overall lightness. Tulsi is well known in the world of yoga and Ayurveda for it's ability to support the immune system, balance blood sugars and support thyroid and adrenal health as well as for it's ability to reduce stress and anxiety and enhance meditation. 

Tulsi tea is that evening drink I like to come home to. 

March 14, 2017

My new poster created by the talented Destini Broom! 

March 12, 2017

Dear Yoga,

You strengthen, stretch and revitalize my body. You keep me curious, open and receptive. I feel my forgiveness, patience and courage grow and your wisdom gives profound meaning to the ordinariness of everyday life. With your guidance I continue to experience the gifts that arise out of showing up for what I believe in when it’s in balance with letting go of the attachments to the results. Keeping my starting point in mind, I know I would be lost without you so I say thank you for always meeting me where I am, judgment free and willing to start over. 

March 7, 2017

One of the reasons I teach Vinyasa yoga is because the word vinyasa emphasizes the spaces in between and brings value to the process. The way I see it, vinyasa reminds us that the journey is the goal and to not only be interested in where we are going but to also be interested in how we get there. 

As we move from Winter to Spring and find ourselves in that in between place, it's good to take time to breathe and connect with our body and mind and reflect on the type of thoughts/seeds we want to plant, nourish and harvest. 

To celebrate this transition I am teaching a three hour yoga class that includes asanas, meditation and a guided relaxation all designed to bring energy to the heart centre as I know I make much better decisions when my focus is love rather than fear/worry. 

Details on the home page.



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