December 31, 2016

A birds eye view of my interpretation of the symbolism for this years transition. 

2+0+1+7= 10  1+0= 1

January = 1

Day 1 = 1

Sunday is the first day of the week = 1

Each day of the week is associated with a planet - each planet has a number - the planet associated with Sunday is the Sun - the number for the Sun is 1 = 1

Energetically beginning the year on a Sunday with this type of numerology is auspicious. For example if we were to compare our introspective journey to the climbing of stairs; this year the stairs will become escalators, we will not stop climbing (effort is still required) but we will be supported and that backpack full of self-imposed limitations we carry, well it will become lighter and we will experience more moments (even if they are only micro moments) where we actually stop climbing, put the backpack down and smile. This does not mean that we will stop actively moving forward but our level of attachment will begin/continue melting away reminding us that freedo...

December 27, 2016

The reason I practice Ayurvedic Astrology is because of my love of yoga as yoga is the sister practice to Ayurveda and to Astrology which means to understand the depths of one we benefit from connecting with the entire family.

Astrology is a complex system that requires in depth dedication to be truly understood which is why many of us view the superficial aspect of astrology as entertainment. But just as yoga is far more than a tool to stretch our hamstrings, astrology can too provide us with in depth knowledge of what makes us unique so that we can move forward with confidence and clarity. 

As a devoted student of the teachings of the brilliant David Frawley I allowed myself to have faith in this method, knowing that such a brilliant man would not waste time on entertainment, and experienced a whole new world of which I love sharing. 

As we enter 2017 I invite you to contact me for your Ayurvedic Astrology Consultation. Begin the year with clarity and move towards what matters most...

December 20, 2016

There is a quote that says something like: "Our broken pieces are where the light can shine in" but I believe that our broken pieces are where the light can shine through as our broken pieces keep us humble and humility enhances honesty which allows for meaningful interactions and therefore, a lightening up of our presence. 

Winter solstice reminds us that out of darkness comes light and that the cycle of light and darkness is essential for growth. And so with this I say: Happy Solstice, May Our Light Generously Shine Through!

December 18, 2016

A few weeks ago after a 40ish year sabbatical from practicing the wheel (not from practicing yoga- Sue-Anne has been practicing yoga regularly for quite some time) Sue-Anne decided to give it a try!

Why bring it back now? This is what Sue-Anne had to say: 

"Sometimes someone hears something just at the right time... certainly my inspiration is Jeff Hall, the 58 year old Canadian professional dancer who is now performing again after a debilitating 25 foot fall during a dance performance about 20 years ago that left him a paraplegic. He taught himself to dance again with no feeling in most of his lower body from the waist down. He is a remarkable man and dancer. 

So I thought " if Jeff can dance again professionally ( which he is currently doing) then I can do the wheel!" And so now I can do it. It's a small victory for me and a little personal tribute to Jeff every time I get the opportunity to do it...

All of it is wrapped up with a huge ribbon of gratitude for the opportunity I have to...

December 15, 2016

Thank you Ottawa for 5 years of consistent interest in my book. If you are part of the 1% who still does not have a copy :) you can find one at Empower Me Yoga on Carling, Beyond Yoga in Kanata, Vraie Nature Yoga in Chelsea or Singing Pebble on Main. 

December 11, 2016

Let’s not wait for January 1st to set a boring and unimaginative resolution such as losing 10 pounds or start to exercise…Instead lets use the energy of the Dec 13th/14 full moon and further connect with our intuition which naturally enhances our ability to find our balance through inspiration rather than socially conditioned guilt - Remembering to see the value of the full cycle of nature which includes beginnings, middles and ends and the space in between reminds us to make the most of transitions by ackowledging that it's not just about where we are going but it's how we get there that matters.  

Tips to end 2016 and transition to 2017 with clarity include:

Tuesday Dec 13th start off by writing what you are grateful for in 2016 (it expands the mind), then write how you see yourself ending this year. For example: Is there an apology you would like to offer? Is there someone you want to forgive? Is there a new pattern or habit you want to include in your life? Imag...

December 2, 2016

Seriousitosys (Taking oneself too seriously)  Symptoms includes: Continuous frowning, shoulders attached to the ears, inability to laugh, highly attached to one’s opinion and a belief that being upset or speaking loudly equals being right.

Don’t get me wrong I know it’s intense out there - we’re destroying the environment, abusing the animal kingdom, destroying each other. I mean we live on a planet where human trafficking is a thing (WTF), many of the worlds countries are run by moys (entitled and greedy boys trapped in men’s bodies) and on top of that we have our day-to-day to manage, - so know that I am not asking anyone to deny any of this and start living in lalaland - But we must recognize that complaining, worrying and gossiping is fertilizer for our problems.

In this world of ours, our attention is our greatest super power, what we give our attention to, we fertilize. If we continuously give our attention away to mundane entertainment, fear mongering and to what we...

December 1, 2016

16 Holistic Practices to Get a Good Night's Sleep

  • Learn to relax - There's a big difference between collapsing and relaxing; 

  • Moisturize before bed;

  • Avoid eating two hours prior to bed;

  • No screen 60 or even 120 minutes before bed;

  • Keep laptop and phone outside the bedroom;

  • Start dimming the lights a few hours before bed. 

  • Massage your feet with cold press sesame oil and put socks on;

  • Use essential oil of lavender or bergamot in a diffuser or a few drops on the pillow;

  • Play calming music or enjoy silence a few hours before bed;

  • Get enough exercise in your day-to-day routine;

  • No caffeinated drinks past 2:00PM;

  • Reduce or even avoid alcohol;

  • Make space for regular laughter as sometimes sleep issues arise out of seriositosys – which is a result of taking ourselves too seriously :); 

  • Practice *Viparita Karani;

  • Go to bed prior to 10:00PM - we get a second wind after 10 PM an...

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