September 29, 2016

In the world of yoga we are taught that one of the two great failings of the mind is worry as we destroy our energy and body through worry. If you are like me the thought of letting go of worry is worrisome but acknowledging that worry and care/action are two different things and that letting go of worry does not mean becoming an irrational, irresponsible seeker of rainbows (unless that’s your freedom) provides respite for a worried mind. What I do know from personal experience is that letting go, even for only a few minutes a day can provide a whole new perspective on the same old issue.

September 27, 2016

The essence of the word faith means looking at what we do on a daily basis as we naturally give attention to what we have faith in. This awareness is important as it reminds us that we can have faith in things that deplete and limit or we can have faith in possibilities and expansion - It's always a choice and I know from personal experience that we can change what we have faith in at any point - It just takes a little faith and a lot of determination.  

Some techniques to know what we have faith in include: 

-Listening to our thoughts (that inner dialogue is after all the longest conversation we    will ever have:)); 

-Paying attention to what we choose to talk about and emphasize; and 

- Noticing what we choose to notice.

This acknowledgment of faith is  inspiring as it reminds us that we can let our inner habitual and mechanical human doing  lead our day or we can connect with our life as a mindful human being and give our attention/faith to wh...

September 21, 2016

Simple and yet profound yoga 101 - In the world of yoga we are taught to watch our thoughts as they unravel as words and then fuel our actions which eventually form our habits and creates our destiny.  The wisdom of yoga also reminds us that our mind can be our best friend or our worst enemy  and that keeping peace on the forefront of the mind will lighten (in every facet of the word) our approach to life. So today I say: Happy International PEACE day!

September 13, 2016

My intention is to share my understanding of  a holistic approach to health and to do so in under 11 000 words. What I am doing is writing three short pieces titled: Lighten UP: a holistic approach to health of 36ish hundred words or so to provide what I feel is valuable information to enhance our overall health. 

Would love to know what you think. Click here to read.

September 11, 2016

The Sun is on fire and the holistic/yoga symbolism of fire includes: 

- Digestion as the process of digestion requires heat;

- Heat and digestion represent transformation;

- Transformation/digestion reminds us that we choose what we will consume through all of our senses and therefore, what we will eventually be consumed by.

The Sun is a source of light and the holistic/yoga symbolism of light includes: 

- Removing the veil of ignorance that keeps us believing we need to believe everything we think;

The Sun is a source of stability as it's magnetic pull keeps the planets  in its orbit and the holistic/yoga symbolism of this type of stability includes:

- The willingness to be anchored in our Truth. It is a representation of our potential to awaken our inner Guruness which in this case means heavy as grounded with who we are rather than being feathers who are blown around by hearsay.

Sun salutations strengthen and stretch our body. They remind us to take energy in, contain it and direc...

September 1, 2016

Come and recharge your batteries: I want to ensure you know you are invited to my reiki courses. Reiki is the Japanese word for prana in India and Chi in China. We don’t really have an English word for it so we say energy. In short this energy is abundant and always available. Learning to bring it in, contain it and direct it towards what we value is part of the yoga and reiki process. With Reiki we use attunments (an opening) to enhance our ability to work with this energy. Anyone can practice reiki. It is simply a practical approach to working with what is abundant. Once you are attuned to reiki you are attuned for life. My daughter was attuned to level I and II before the age of five. Also, know that you don’t need to be attuned to reiki to receive a reiki treatment and I would be happy to work with you on that front as well. Benefits include: stress and tension relief, increased energy, improved ability to let go and enhances overall well-being. In short it will bring you what you...

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