The Eight Pillars of Inspired Living

The following eight pillars have been carefully chosen for being powerful stepping-stones
to infuse our life with what makes us feel awake and alive. 


# 1 Self-Awareness

We often ask what do I want, what is my purpose and what are my strengths? And we often forget to ask the most important question; Who is this I that wants? As the foundational pillar, self-awareness brings clarity and direction. Without self-awareness, we find ourselves infusing our energy into wants and needs that never bring lasting fulfillment. With self-awareness, we learn to direct our attention towards our strengths and infuse them with energy. Yoga and Ayurveda as a whole which includes journaling, meditation, attentive listening, whole foods, posture practice and breathing techniques are good examples of practices that heightened self-awareness.


# 2 The Gift of Our Attention

Our greatest superpower is our attention because the moment we give our attention to something (for good or for not so good) we give it life. 

# 3 Awakening the Feeling of Possibilities 

Just as we can call on the feeling of worry and impose it on the present and future we equally have the potential to call on the feeling of possibilities and impose it on the moment and future. The choice is ours to make. 


# 4 Values

We can be deeply acquainted with our wishes and fears. We can be deeply acquainted with our wants and needs or we can be deeply acquainted with our values and aspirations. The choice is ours to make. If we don’t reflect we will be pulled towards the path of least resistance. Choosing what we will give the gift of our attention too brings inspired direction. 


# 5 Satsang (uplifting commUnity)

Spending time with an uplifting community brings energy and enhances our individual potential. Satsang is about creating authentic relationships where we focus on collective potential through inspired dialogue, meditation, yoga and time spent in nature. 


# 6 Pranafication

Prana is an abundant energy that is always available. Learning to breathe deeply and consciously take in the prana in the breath as well as recognizing that our food is either a source of energy (prana) or something that depletes’ our energy (foodless foods) leads to making empowered choices that enhance vitality and inspired living.


# 7 Stability and Ease

Finding the balance between being grounded and light brings freedom to the body and mind. This experience can be brought to all aspects of our life. For example, we can bring it to our physical posture by being aware of our stance and creating a firm foundation that is equally easeful. We can bring this balance to our relationships by ensuring we’re respectful and supportive (stable) without imposing (ease). This interplay brings confidence and a natural urge to smile. 


# 8 Generosity

The more grounded we feel with who we are, the more connected we are with our values. The more we bring the feeling of possibilities to life and the more we engage in authentic relationships that are energizing, stable and easeful the more open we are to being of service without attachments. 


My services provide you with the knowledge and support to bring these pillars to life in your unique way. 

To an Inspired Journey! 



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